Meet #naturalbeautymermaid

So me & Jennifer we decided to collaborate and answer on few question,and let you guys know more about us.I’ve connected with Jennifer on Instagram,and what bonds us,are the same principles,of discovering best and cleanest beauty products,all natural and organic.

After I’ve decided to go plastic free,she shared with me she would like to do the same,so I’m very intrigued about her finds,since the pool of products that are not packaged in plastic,are low,but hopefully growing in the future.

So let’s meet Jenifer #naturalbeautymermaid:



Location:Florida, in Space Coast area (known for Space Shuttle)

Green Beauty where I stand: I’m slowly moving to cleaner organic beauty. My first step was cruelty-free than on to vegan.

1. What made you get into green beauty? I started going into green beauty after reading and seeing how arsenic and contaminates were getting into our foods and products that go in or on our bodies. Add more fuel to the fire was learning about cancer and chemotherapy & radiation. Animal testing just breaks my heart. I’m an animal lover.

2. What are a few of your green beauty products? I’ve learned that green beauty has come a long way. I’ve slowly changed laundry soap, dish soap, skincare and makeup.

3. Matte or Dewy look? I was into the matte look when I was younger with oily skin but as I’ve gotten older I’m loving dewy.

4.What two products that you can live without?Something about showing off your lashes so mascara. Sunblock/ sunscreen because I burn, baby, burn. Lol

5.How many products on your wishlist? Name of few on your list. Oh my, my list grows every day. Green beauty blogger like Organic Bunny & Laura Natural Life, Erika Summers, Genuine Glow and so many help grow that list so much, lol. Leahlani Skincare, Beauty Chef, and so much more

6. What’s your favorite DIY green beauty? Honey masks are my favorite. So hydrating, anti-inflammatory and helps redness. Honey with milled oats.

7. One tip to share with your followers. Please check ingredients!

8. Name few YouTubers or bloggers you follow. Genuine Glow, Organic Bunny, Wifelife many more.

9. What shop(s), you purchases most green beauty products? Safe & Chic, Citrine Natural Beauty, The Detox Market where I have done most purchases.

10. Name one thing you like. (style or animal or beauty product or etc.) Dogs. I’m that crazy lady that see a dog, screams & get excited over a dog(s).

You can find Jennifer on Instagram  Blog


If you would like to read my answers to the same questions,please check Jennifer’s blog.

So after reading some fun facts about Jennifer,I hope you think twice about what products you are using.

When I switched to green beauty,I’ve thought nobody was talking about any of those all natural & organic products,until i discovered the #greenbeautycommunity and I was so amazed how many people are part of it. I hope it will keep growing,because nobody wants to get sick on purpose,but our lifestyles lead nowhere else.So please read ingredients and everything you buy,even if it states all natural & organic,because there are so many brands out there,who would try to fool us for a buck!


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