CGMA 41st Annual Show 2017

I was very happy to attend the CGMA 41st Show again on Memorial Weekend.I’ve attended last year too,and you can read more about it here.

The show it was held at a new location,but it was as exciting and as fun as last year.We went in the morning,and even that we’re lots of people there already,we easily found parking.

At the entrance we always receive a small gem gift,and this year we’ve got…


They always organize a corner for children,and they give an egg container with 12 samples,FREE!


For a small price 50c/$1 we also got a dinosaur bone and a coral rock,which turns pretty cool when wet.

There is always a small corner with Mexican Geodes,$5-$25,where they crack it open and you have a nice surprise inside.This year our geode was a Trances Quartz with Calcite inside(pretty cool)


Because we couldn’t come home without something shiny,we stumbled across…


Everytime I go,I let me intuition to tell me what to buy for myself,and this year I’ve been very drawn to CALCITE.

Calcite is really great for cleansing and reconciliation.

Blue calcite is great for Calm Communication,which I’m not expert at 😉

Orange calcite is great for emotional healing(who doesn’t need that).It also helps restore emotional healing,and help with depression.

Green Calcite it increases success, prosperity, business, and fertility of all kinds,and also enhance intuition and psychic abilities.It also has healing properties.


So I guess my intuition wasn’t so bad this year and I’ve got the right rocks,for the right fields I need to personally work for.

I enjoyed again CGMA this year,and I can’t wait for next!


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  1. Fascinating piece Laura x

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    1. Laura Bruj says:

      Thank you very much 💕

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