Halloween 2018

This Halloween I went again for a Zero Waste Costume,so that means, I used clothing, makeup and props I already had. In the past year I did the same, and I believe you only need a little bit of creativity and imagination. My 2018 Halloween Costume was MADONNA,and I chose one of her 1980’s look,…


It was quite funny, when I first told in mind, what I wanted to be this year for Halloween,and I had no plan, no costume, nothing. So as the big day approached,I was thinking how can I achieve my look, without spending any money.I definitely plan to paint some makeup on my face, and I…

Happy Halloween

I picked to be what I thought was highly trending on social medias this year,since I’ve already been a skull painted face 2 years ago,a SORCERESS! I’m very happy with the end results and now i’m off to TRICK OR TREAT HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone,Laura

RITA ORA | BODY ON ME Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Halloween is 3 days away and I was listening to Rita’s Ora song “Body on me” and I had and aha moment….”This is the easies costume ever!” I went a little overboard,but all you need is black eyeliner and a red lipstick,put your hair half up,put a white t-shirt on and sing…. FACE 100%Pure  | Physicians Formula |…


I believe a person makes the costume,and not the costume makes a person,so it depends on you how creative you are or what personality you want to add in a one night character. This year I’ve decided to become a Comic Book character,because it was so easy to do and so fun.I’m a character anyway… TRICK OR TREAT?