It was quite funny, when I first told in mind, what I wanted to be this year for Halloween,and I had no plan, no costume, nothing.

So as the big day approached,I was thinking how can I achieve my look, without spending any money.I definitely plan to paint some makeup on my face, and I really couldn’t be just a cute darling Minnie,so I ended up with a skeleton, and I was pleased.I also ended up borrowing the Minnie Mouse headband, and because it was almost freezing outside(between 30 and 40 degrees F),I skipped the plan of wearing just a dress, and I ended up laying 2 dresses and a pair of pants.And I was happy I did that.


| COAT | DRESSES (old H&M 1&2similar) | PANTS | BOOTIES (similar) | FOUNDATION | EYELINER | BLUSH (Sadie) | CONCEALER (lips) |

Happy Halloween


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