Fall colors

Yesterday we had our first snow, but is still fall, and it is beautiful.

Leafs have fallen and covered the sad ground, and the sky is filled with grey clouds, that set a daily mood, of calm,

and lots of second coffees.

I go to sleep later and I wake up earlier.

I yawn often, but I still finish my daily tasks,rushing,before the early nights arrive.

I dunno what to eat anymore. Comfort foods are winking at me,so I try to trick my brain with lots of spices. Cinnamon in my coffee,turmeric in my food,cedarwood in my air diffuser.

I plan the Holidays and my gift shopping, and I’m trying really hard to surprise people,I hope.Black Friday is around the corner, and I dunno if I need anything.I probably don’t.But our mind is set, that we are missing a huge opportunity.This year I won’t, and I’m not even gonna think about it.I have more important things to do.Like sipping a hot cup of tea in bed, with my favorite people.my family and friends, and just let goof the nonsense of missing the opportunity of a lifetime.








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