It was a saturday morning, december, autumn.

I’ve went to meet few friends there,and at first,I was annoyed, because i live in the suburbs,and i had to take a one hour drive to get there.

Finally I arrived at the location on 4363 N Lincoln ave.

From the outside looks like a corner coffee shop,from the inside,like a small cozy european cafeteria.

They have a great selection on their own coffee blends and teas,and they also have a great european menu for brunch,lunch and they also serve dinner.Imagine a Starbucks store combined with a small brunch european corner.

The menu is a little pricy,but is considered to be an austrian speciality store,so is well worth.

I had a latte and also an austrian breakfast,but i couldn’t leave empty-handed,si i got to go from they delicious authentic specific cookies.I must say,they are made with sugar and butter,and some people appreciate that.

For more details,shop their coffee and teas,or their community support,check their website here JULIUS MEINL.

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