On the WHITE side of things

Watching the Red Carpet @The Oscars couple few ago,just confirmed my suspicion,of WHITE still beeing a strong color option this year.


image That made me think to go thru my closet,thru my WHITES,see what I am missing in my wardobe. Here is the WHITES list: ☆Underwear(need new bra) ☆Dress(want new bandage dress) ☆Skirt(want new for summer) ☆Pant++ ☆Jean+ ☆Jacket++ ☆Short+ ☆Tshirt(need new) ☆Shirt+++ ☆Tank top++ ☆Tops+++ ☆Sweater/cardigan/vest+ ☆Jewelry(need to buy) ☆Shoes(need more more more 🙂 + ☆Makeup+ ☆Scents(not necessarily but i own)+ ☆Purses(not  necessary)+ ☆Sunglasses/Glasses frames(want) image Anything else off the list that you own or you wanna purchase it and i missed it? Comment below. Kisses,L image

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