Happy Mother Day!

For those celebrating today mothers day,a tap on your shoulder,a big smile,and relax!

Motherhood is the hardest job in the world and the most rewarding.

Me and my son,who is 4,we went to the market yesterday,and i let him pick me flowers.His choice was….red roses! He must know something about flower whispering,lol.


He’s my sun,he makes me smile all the time.He takes all my energy,patience,and my time,but he’s also challenging me to do a better job as a mother everyday,find tips and tricks on how to do my job well,makes me use my brain,which means I might not have Alzheimer soon.He keeps me fit,when there’s no room to join a gym.He makes me smile,without saying jokes,and he caress me everyday and we snuggle ,which reminds me how loved I am.

I am so proud of being his mom,and all I hope is,one day,I make something out of him.

A big cheer to all mothers out there,celebrating or not.



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