So in case you didn’t know,Sephora has FREE make-up classes for their Beauty Insiders.

I’ve already attended 3 of them:





If you wanna learn and improve your make-up skills,these classes are great and what I like most about it,that you are learning from PROs.

If you wanna learn new techniques,or if you are just a newbie with make-up,I recommend to attend a class and see if is working for you.

It’s a small class,only 10 can attend,and each get to sit on a individual mini vanity,where you are given by the Pros who work there,the right tools and makeup that works for you(colors,skintone,etc).

At every class,you will have done your skin color IQ so you know what shade foundation you are at that time.The class starts with an explanation of the desired technique application,than you can apply the right one for you,and learn while you are coached by the beautiful Sephora Pro Team.

I believe I know a little bit about make-up,but I still managed to learn something new with each class.I wanna attend all the classes,because are FREE,so I’m not gonna pass this great opportunity.

Have you attended a class? Did you enjoy it and learn something new?Do you know anything similar and can you recommend it?Please comment below.
In the end,it’s only makeup,but it can make you glow on the outside

Untill who knows what’s next,Laura

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  1. I went to Sephora last year to specifically do the skin color IQ (that one less headache). So the classes are totally free? I think the rep who helped me last year told me that a one on one consultation was free as well but they recommend a $50 purchase. You look fabulous by the way.

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    1. Laura Bruj says:

      Classes are free for Sephora Insiders (if you have one of those Sephora to make points cards),and you have to subscribe on each class from your Sephora account

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      1. I sure do, I just haven’t made it to the actual location for a couple of months. I’ll have to check it out. Thx

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      2. Laura Bruj says:

        Check it out online

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