PEORA Facial Cream – Review


Peora is a Korean skincare company specializing on ultimate skincare products made with natural ingredients with innovative technology utilizing microorganisms.The uniquely created microorganisms breakdown the ingredients to microscopic cells to penetrate into spaces between skin cells.

Peora Facial Cream


Price: 35$

Size: 1.75oz-50g

Packaging: plastic bottle with giant pump dispenser,easy to control how much you want to pump,not messy at all


Potent Ingredients:Pomegranate Extract to promote smooth, firm skin by promoting collagen and elastin production and soften skin.Aloe to moisturize skin without oil residue,Fig Extract to boost rejuvenation of the skin and Green Tea toFights premature aging

Description: Ultra-Lightweight formula perfect for all skin types that provides Deep Hydration Lasting Up To 24 Hours

What is: A very lightweight moisturizer cream,white colored,very lightly scented,that penetrates the skin instantly,without oily/greasy residue.

Application: Just as any moisturizer,on a cleaned,toned face

What it does: I have really dry skin,and this moisturizer provided the moisture my skin needed in a lightweight pleasant way,long-lasting,thru a whole busy day.Is very great to be used under makeup,since is not greasy.

Overall: I believe this moisturizer will be suitable for all skin types and I give it a really big thumbs up for wow-ing my dry skin in such a light matter.

Go KBeauty,L

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