Just recently I Joined the WELLNESS TRIBE Subscription Box 39.95$ because I’m would like to discover more amazing brands not only for beauty,but also wellness,and a whole good being.They have different theme boxes to choose from:FESTIVAL.EVERYDAY,RETREAT.

The box I will share today is the ACTIVE BOX which is great for people who like to be active.

This is the first box i’ve received, and you can see me unbox it and have a first impression about the products:

Products mentioned:


1 CITYSEAT padded bike seat cover 35$

2 FOUR SIGMATIC mushroom elixir 7$

3 TUFMED tufrelief 18$

4 PLAY HARD GIVE BACK fuel&flow artisan trail mix 4$

5 HURRAW! SPF15 sun balm 5$

6 SIMPLE SQUARE cho-coco 3$

7 RED FLOWER wanderlust hand&face towelette 5$

8 YOGA FOR YOU free month of online classes 20$



If you are interested in WELLNESS TRIBE  you can use code LAURATRIBE and you can save 25% on your first box

Stay active,Laura

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