Natural and Organic Beauty OILS Haul


Now that the cold weather has set,and my skin gets drier,I go toward adding and enjoying  oils into my skincare routine.

I do own a large collection and I love them all for different reasons,and because some of them have a large ingredients list,i’m not gonna share that,I will only share what they are good for,and hopefully that might help you pick your next oil.Just to let you know,my skin is normal to dry,and i didn’t experienced any sensitivity to any of these oils.

As you may notice,most of them are great anti-aging moisturizers and some are multitasking.I organized them from high-low in pricing,because the more high in price,usually have the most luxurious ingredients,and because they are more complex,will target more skin problems.

OILLE Renewing Intelligence Face Serum $88 is highly concentrated,is very lightweight,fast absorbed,gives natural sun protection,and reduces inflammation.

MAYA CHIA The Super Couple Ultra Luxe Face Oil $85 is very luxurious,amazing for anti-aging skin,prevents and reduces size of wrinkles,increases skin firmness and elasticity,helps reduce age spots and discoloration.

JOSIE MARAN 100% Pure Argan Oil $16-$96 is best for hydration,reduces fine lines and wrinkles,and restores elasticity.The LIGHT version has a semi-matte finish,lighter,the same effects,and I love it under makeup.

OKOKO COSMETICS Les 16 Precious $79 is so luxurious and hydrating,anti-aging,great multitasking as an oil serum,eye moisturizer,lip treatment,hand treatment and hair serum.

GOOBSI Face Food $63 is highly scented with essential oils,so I consider it even an aromatherapy oil,it’s also highly moisturizing,great for acne and inflammation,and makes skin supple and elastic.

ARIYA APOTHECARY Anti-Aging Lavender Face Serum $25-$50 is an anti-aging serum combining essential oils with hyaluronic acid,to lock moisture in,regenerates cells and increases collagen production,evens skin tones and reduces the appearance of scars and fine lines.

POETIC BLEND The Hero Oil $49 is a multitasking oil,great as a moisturizer,makeup remover or cleanser,body oil,cuticle,hair,massage and also shaving.

TARTE Maracuja Oil $48 is a great moisturizer,right and fast absorbed,brightens and evens skin tone,also anti-aging.

TRILOGY Rosehip Oil Antioxidant + $44 rich in antioxidants,hydrates, improves brightening, skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity and firmness.

BONUM VITAE Facial Oil for Dry Skin $42 is a great moisturizer,fast absorbed in the skin, renews,brightens and tones,also reduces signs of aging.

LYESKA Revitalizing Face Oil $40 is a a revitalizing oil that supports the regeneration of healthy skin cells,reduces inflammation,softens and smoothes skin.

THE LUXE BOTANICS Discovery Kit $39.99 is an awesome kit for many skin concerns.It also has a MARULA Hydrating Serum that is very lightweight,hydrating,anti-aging,softens scars and blemishes.

THE HOLISTIC MAMA Renewing Facial Serum $36 fast absorbed and hydrating,lightens dark spots and reduces scars,also minimizes fine lines.It’s also great as a night oil,since is a great “retinol” alternative.

SEABUCKWONDERS Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil $34.77 is very rich in omega’s,is protective and help heal skin from all kids of injuries,burns,wounds,rashes,and other skin damage,and also anti-aging.

EVOLVE Miracle Facial Oil 28 is a fast absorbing moisturizer,reduces signs of aging and improves elasticity,also improves the appearance of scars.

SKIN FOOD BY AUBREY Original Facial Oil $27 is also a balancing serum.It helps with acne and anti-aging,and reduces inflammation.

AMAKI Tsubaki Anti-Aging Face Oil $25 is lightweight,fast absorbing,help brighten skin,increase elasticity and reduces inflammation.

ANDALOU 100 Roses Moroccan Beauty Oil $19.95 recommended for sensitive skin,is very lightweight,a great multitasking moisturizer for face,neck,hair,hands,nails and cuticles.

Have you tried any of these oils or see any favorites?


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