Here’s a very cool topic this time of the year,especially with the summer in mind. Every time when I think of summer,I see myself laying by the pool in an itsy tiny bikini,and whoever wants to do that,you might quite want your legs and bum to look flawless.


In order to achieve that,unless you were born with the best genes on the planet,you might want to follow few simple steps:


To stimulate lymphatic system,you need to dry brush upwards towards the heart, focusing on cellulite-prone areas.It exfoliates the skin, boosts circulation and elasticity, and reduces the appearance of cellulite.This steps needs to be done daily to maintain the desire results.

Check out some affordable brushes @Amazon

I also like to use PURESOL Konjac sponge (save 20% with LAURAB20) in the shower,to help remove skins dead cells,and prepare the skin for moisturizers.

The Seaweed Bath Co also has this cool Detox Cellulite Soap made with arabica coffee,cinnamon(to plump) and charcoal(for detoxing)great to hop in shower with it and gently massage the affected areas.


These obviously also contain caffeine as their main ingredient, which helps aid in the lymphatic drainage and smooth out the appearance of skin.By exfoliating, you’re showcasing your skin at its smoothest and the caffeine is adding some actual shrinkage to the fat cells. You’re going to want to use a coffee scrub once a day for best results.

I currently have Rejuvenate Beauty Company Coffee Scrub,great hands face and body.

13 Lemons Vetiver Coffee Scrub made with vetiver essential oil to reduce irritability and anger, creates a focused and grounded mood(that’s so me,lol)

Art Naturals Arabica Coffee Scrub is also great to improve age spots, acne, rosacea, varicose veins and eczema,

Willow Body Coffee+Peppermint Body Scrub is scented with peppermint essential oils to refresh and wake you up.


Most cellulite-fighting creams contain caffeine as their active ingredient, which can be more helpful than you’d imagine when applied religiously.Caffeine it shrinks fat cells by dehydrating them.Apply these creams daily with an aggressive massage or a rolling motion to help aid in the penetration and see better results.

I currently love Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil that is super fast absorbed into the skin.Made with extract of young organic Birch leaves, organic Rosemary and Ruskus,promotes healthy, radiant looking skin. Revitalizing Apricot Kernel Oil, moisturizing organic Jojoba Oil and vitamin-rich Wheat Germ Oil help to enliven the skin’s appearance. Natural essential oils combine with the other plant extracts to tone the skin, leaving the skin feeling and looking firm and supple. I also have a Tata Harper sample of Redefining Body Balm with palm extract(provides triple firming effect,preserves elasticity and protects collagen),red algae(makes skin more firm and plump),murmur butter(to moisturize and soothe dry itchy patches,leaving skin smooth,soft and protected),tamanu oil(reduces appearance of scars and stretch marks)


A regular exercise practice cannot cure cellulite—but in many cases it can help prevent or reduce its appearance. Cellulite occurs when connective fibers underneath the skin become weak or lose their elasticity, but stretching and strengthening those areas (in addition to burning away excess fat overall) can help.


By eating a healthy diet, you can help reduce cellulite. First, avoid too much sugar, which gets stored in fat cells and causes them to expand. Second, limit salt intake, since sodium causes fluid retention, making cellulite appear even worse. Consume no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar each day, and stay away from foods containing more than 200 mg of sodium.

Water helps flush out toxins that hide in the fat layers beneath the skin and make cellulite lumps even more visible. Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. Hydration also works to plump the skin and make it look less lumpy.

Kelp contains fucoxanthin, a xanthophyll compound found in green plants with chlorophyll, which helps the body burn fat. Studies show that ingesting kelp can help facilitate a 5-10% loss in body weight, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite. Add kelp to your diet regimen. Try adding it to miso soup or crumble it into stir-frys and salads. Or, you can get your kelp in capsule form at your vitamin store.


I’m currently saving all my coffee grinds (used) to do my own coffee scrub in the future,because it’s so easy to do it.

Long perfect legs,Laura♥

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