Winter skin saviors – the BALM

If there is one product everyone needs in skincare, a beauty BALM it is.

So what is a BALM then? Is a potent waterless moisturizer, made of rich butter,oils and plants extracts, including essential oils, and it’s been used for centuries to heal, soothe, moisturize, fragrance, and smooth skin.

This multitasking product, can easily be used as a moisturizer(body or face), lip balm, hand moisturizer (cuticles),foot cream, solid perfume, hair texturizer, face mask, after-sun or windburn treatment, conditioner, highlighter, brow tamer, flyaway smoother.You can mix a bit of balm with any powder eyeshadow, blush, or bronzer to make a skin-luminizing cream; runners use it to prevent chafing; and many can be used as makeup remover/moisturizing cleanser.

It’s all about BALMS this winter and I’ve decided to collaborate with @naturalbeautymermaid and share our collection of balms.I remember in the past when I’ve started suffering of very dry skin,and nothing helped at the moment,but when I discovered green beauty,the BALM came to the rescue,and we’ve got stuck since.Discover more on my blog (direct link in bio👆)and also @naturalbeautymermaid haul on her page 💗

Usually when I get a new balm,I look at ingredients to have calendula and/or chamomile, since they are calming and have healing properties.

So here’s the lineup of my current balms:



Made with vegan waxes great for elbows, knees, knuckles, and heels. Scented with Peru Balsam essential oil, which has a vanilla/fire wood unisex scent to it,is said to be mildly antiseptic, and may be beneficial to use topically on wounds and burns. In addition to Argan oil and calendula infused jojoba oil, this skin loving body balm may be a great treat for your skin!


FARM TO SKIN Morning & Evening Enrichment Facial Balms $52-$56

The morning unique blend of organic oils and extracts,softens skin, calms inflammation, and stimulates new cell growth,working continually  to keep skin hydrated throughout the day.

The evening balm,restore and nourish the skin while you rest, with potent anti-aging, vitamin rich plant oils and extracts combined with a calming blend of therapeutic essential oils. This quick absorbing balm gets to work to soothe skin, regenerate new cell growth, and strengthen skin’s ability to fight off free-radicals. Apply overnight to cleansed face and neck.



A rich blend of hydrating oils and waxes make this a versatile moisturizer for your face and body. Contains certified organic sunflower seed oil, castor seed oil, jojoba seed oil, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter and rosemary seed extract.


PLANT MAKEUP Unicorn Balm $12

A dream inspired coconut based balm with bits of local lilac blossoms, organic pink roses and pure mica glitter. Perfect as a sheer glossy splash to the lips or cheek bones. Excellent for general moisturizing purposes.


ZABANA ESSENTIALS Glow Stick bare beauty $15

A moisturizing and rejuvenating balm stick with a hint of mica shimmer, that can be used on the body and face. Great for just wanting to be fabulous and adding to your natural glow, perking up a tan, a subtle sheer face highlight, or lip balm on the go.This one is also an amazing primer, especially for those dewy finish looks.


CLEAN LIVING COLLECTION Sacred Rose Beauty Balm $20

A ultra-decadent facial balm, made to penetrate deeply into the skin and heal dry patches, reduce under eye puffiness, and decrease any redness in skin tone.


ELEMENT BOTANICALS Poplar Bud Repair Balm $13

Poplar buds have been used in folk remedies for ages, known also as Balm Of Gilead, which is a Biblical reference to Mecca balsam, the source of healing balsamic oils in the Old World. It contains salicin which lends effective natural pain relieving and anti-inflammatory abilities, making it ideal for painful skin conditions.
Our poplar bud salve is blended with our signature botanicals and gentle emollients making it ideal for all manner of skin complaints.

Ideal for: Eczema, psoriasis, skin cracks, dry patches, feet, elbows, breakouts, minor cuts and abrasions, after shaving.


SHEA BODYWORKS Happy Hands and Feet Balm $8

A very rich moisturizer especially for very dry cracked feet and super dry hands.Apply this balm right after shower/bath and put socks on to deeply moisturize.


ARGAN REPUBLIC Whipped Gold Beauty Balm $55

Whipped Gold Beauty Balm is an intensively moisturizing concentrated beauty balm for face, neck and body. With 14 active botanicals born to soften dry skin, this baby will heal the most stubborn desert terrain.

MOONLIT ORGANICS Healing Salve $12


Healing Salve can be used for anything you need healed. It can be used for anything from new tattoos to diaper rash, and even be used to treat scars.

THE HONEST CO Organic Healing Balm $13


This is one of the best diaper rash balm but also amazing for the whole family.Made with organic sunflower, olive, and coconut oils work with enriching shea butter to nourish, moisturize, and help soothe sensitive and dry skin,tamanu oil helps restore and balance skin moisture,chamomile and calendula gently calm and soothe.



KOSMATOLOGY Lotion Bar mini $4

Perfect size for on the go!  This Mini Lotion Bar is great for travel, hand bags, diaper bags or even your pocket.


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