We finally had lots of snow this past week,and also some harsh cold, but supposedly thats how winter should be like in our area.


And because i’m staying more indoors,I feel like i need some good products to keep me happy, well maintained and also pampered.

So here are few of my winter favorites:

1. NETFLIX and no, I can’t say this should be my number 1 favorite, but it probably is, haha, so I’m just sharing randomly.

I currently like to watch Asian Romantic Comedies, and the last ones I watched are: MR SUNSHINE, HERE TO HEART, ASHES OF LOVE.

I’m really curious what you guys are watching, so drop a comment down below.

2. So I just mentioned asian movies, but I definitely have to mention my obsession with asian music. Curious? Click here and listen with me!

3. Sipping on TEA. I normally drink coffee in the morning, but during cold times, I really enjoy a warm cup of tea,or two, but I really drink about 3 cups everyday. Adding LEMON juice in my water and my tea is something new, that I didn’t do in a long time now, but Vitamin C has so many benefits for your cell regeneration ,that you should consider it. It also helps in maintaining the pH balance of the body’s your less likely to get sick.


Currently I’m hooked on Simple Life Nutrition Moringa Tea,that has a bunch of benefits, from anemia, to lowering cholesterol, reduce inflammation and it has a full spectrum of nutrition, high in protein and amino acids.

4. Keeping my skin well MOISTURIZED, since the harsh winter cold vs indoor warmth makes my skin really dry. Using a humidify is also essential, and quickly after a shower, i like drenching my skin in body balms and oils. These products are making my skin super silky.


5. ESSENTIAL OILS and Candles scented with Essential Oils are part of my daily routine. I’m using the Essential Oils in my bath ,in my DIY bath scrubs with sugar,and mixed with an oil and wear it as perfume. There are so many other uses,but basically it’s the alternative to chemicals called “Perfume”

6. SUPERFOODS are essential for me, since i’m leading a very active lifestyle and I need super power, and some of my current favorites are Chia, Quinoa, Hemp Hearts, Raw Nuts, Berries, Salmon and Dark Chocolate.

7. I’ve never been a big reader, and I consider BOOKS as a way to learn new things, and currently I picked some books about teaching kids how to manage money, since my parents never did that.


8. If you guys missed watching the Blood Moon this month, just so you know ,it might be one of the reasons you might be cranky. Because the moon has been such an influence,so I’ve been totally obsessed with MOON JEWELRY.



Now back to Netflix and sipping on tea!


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