Building a healthy society

Probably an issue we have as parents now, that our parents didn’t, when we were growing up.

I remember growing up, without having at a small age, a TV or even a PHONE.

After a big boom in 90’s everyone starting having one, and was something very exciting and useful. TVs were used to inform and more as a learning device, but soon was becoming a leisure form and with an increase in channels, we often argued who and what to watch, since there was only one TV in the house. Then about 10 more years passed and we had a big boom with computers and cellphones, and everyone seemed to have one.

Yet nobody told us, we became addicted,slowly,to technology.

The new society we built, is built by using the technology, that if we don’t keep up with, we feel like we miss something big.Or do we?

As humans, we are built to socialize, to have human contact, to see each other in the eye,to share laughs and cries, to share hugs and smiles.

Once we became addicted to technology, we started sharing emojis in texts,-mails,and rarely phone calls.

So then another problem rise, since we became antisocial,and it’s mental health.

Mental health is something to talk about, something to teach our kids growing up, something to spot and know how to treat. I never remembered my parents raising this issue, and these subjects were often taboo.

Here is a PARENTS GUIDE: How To Help Your Teen Cope With Mental Health Issues and tips how to spot the early signs.

I no longer think mental issues should be kept taboo, and talking and sharing as parents, can help us share experiences and help each other raising healthy kids.

Definitely find healthy hobbies for kids and teens from early stage in life, to teach them how to live without an electronic device, and explaining that not using one endplaying with a friend and have human interaction is better, and a must!



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  1. Misha Bagga says:

    I totally agree with you. Technology has mentally handicapped us along with creating the emotional gap. Great post. Keep Glittering… Love TGA by Misha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laura Bruj says:

      Thank you πŸ€—


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