Today I wanted to share a little bit of my skincare routine and favorite skincare products I use the most during the summer.

All these products are made with natural ingredients, organic, plastic free containers and scented only with essential oils.

I also include a scrub twice a week which I forgot to include, and I currently just mix a little bit of sugar, with organic virgin coconut oil and cinnamon, since I started to see first signs of autumn (fog, rain)

Click to watch the video ⇓

PRODUCTS MENTIONED: OSEA Ocean cleanser | PANGEA ORGANICS Facial Cleanser | SAINT ALABASTER Cleansing Milk | ELEMENTS OF ALIEL Love Cleanser  | PANGEA ORGANICS Facial Toner  | SAINT ALABASTER Facial Toner | GLORISKIN Vitamin C Serum |  VIRGINIC Eye Serum  | GOOD MEDICINE Starry Eyes | JEFFREY JAMES The Eye Gel | RECIPROCITEE Rose Quartz Roller | PANGEA ORGANICS Facial Cream | GODDESS GARDEN Face the Day Primer | AYELET Toner |

♥ Laura

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