The SOAP Comeback

As I was trying to reduce my plastic products,I slowly rediscovered the soap.

The soap is bringing many childhood memories, and I remember we used to put the soaps between our clothes in the closet,so the clothes would smell nice.

Once the liquid soaps and shampoos quickly attacked the markets, the soap took a step back.

But now, soap is making a huge comeback, and it’s all in out favors.

Soap comes in many varieties, many scents, and many harmful ingredients, if you don’t pay close attention.

I’m gonna quickly share some soaps I currently own,and I think I always had an attraction for soaps and I often had a small collection in my house.

I really like that often can be used by the whole family, it can clean your face, your body and your hands, so is a minimal product,and it can be great for the planet (biodegradable and zero waste).

UNIVERSAL SOAP – great for hands, face and body


AUROMERE Ayurvedic Bar Soap Lavender-Neem it’s an all natural handmade and Eco-friendly bar soap for sensitive skin and all skin types.Rainforest-friendly, Non-GMO, Vegan/Cruelty-free,all-natural and free of artificial fragrances, preservatives, dyes and bleaches.


TEADORA Face and Body Toning and Exfoliating Clay Bar Gift Set, 4 Count

Amazing gift set of  2 exfoliating bars and 2 toning bars with Rainforest at Dawn and Rainforest at Dusk scents.Rainforest-friendly,organic ingredients,moisturizing and rich in precious oils.Non-GMO, Vegan/Cruelty-free,all-natural and free of artificial fragrances, preservatives, dyes and bleaches.

Toning bars moisturizes, smoothes and tones skin.

Exfoliating bar removes dead skin, helps clear blemishes, helps remove ingrown hairs and helps to even skin tone.


URBANIZED found a way incorporate coffee grounds from local coffee shops, made simply with all natural ingredients, all meant to reduce landfill waste and earth footprint. All natural, handmade,locally sourced, good for the environment.


NUBIAN HERITAGE soaps are great for all skin types and they have so many unique scents to choose from.Here is Honey and Black Seed Soap,which is also gently scrubbing and Peppermint,with crushed almonds and baking soda.

These soaps are made with organic ingredients and cruelty free.


SALLYE ANDER Coffe + Chocolate Soap, I loved the super simple ingredients of olive and soy oil, chocolate essential oil and organic coffee beans.

This scent was seasonal, but I definitely would love the Apple Crisp Soap right now.


If you didn’t know by now, before all the liquid shampoos, there was the shampoo bar.


AUROMERE Shampoo Bar is great to be used on face also, an all natural unique formula, this soap is nourishing and rejuvenating.One bar is equal to 20 ounces of liquid shampoo.Eco-friendly, 100% Bio-degradable, perfect for camping, gym, and travel.


MEOW MEOW TWEET Shampoo Bar has a sweet, herbal scent, and was formulated to nourish the hair, and body too. Without a bottle, it’s got a lesser waste footprint than your standard shampoo.


SHEA MOISTURE Shampoo Bars,they come in different scents and different hair types soaps options. I’ve tried 3 of 5,and they worked extremely well on my hair.Made with organic and fair trade ingredients.



MEN’S SOAP COMPANY shaving soap, here in Himalaya scent,is an amazing moisturizing soap, great for sensitive skin.The leather is really rich and protective of the skin. I also used it on my legs, and I absolutely loved its I could easily say it’s a great unisex soap. All Natural,Vegan,Cruelty Free.

Plastic is not in fashion anymore, since is not biodegradable,so rediscovering the soaps, made me really happy.

Go ahead, get a soap, and fall in love again.


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