This fall has been wonderful,despite of all the things going on in the world, and because the weather has been warmer than usual, I totally forgot about all the bad, sad and lame going on in the world.

I guess it does matter what you put your focus on and try to cut down the noise around you that keeps your brain busy, but most of the time, the information can be irrelevant to you.

When you realize that there are things you don’t have power to change or influence and you focus on the things that you can, your whole life can take a new meaning.

From the way you schedule your time, how much you sleep, what you eat and how you live, it’s all connected with your choice. Almost like a button that you can choose to press today, or not.

Yes, we are affected by life events, but we still have a choice to live relaxed, laugh around the dinner table, and choose the right people you want to hang out with.

And what a beautiful fall that has been.


(all thrifted at Thredup) SWEATER | SKIRT | BOOTS| PURSE

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