Shop these Conscious brands @ REVOLVE

REVOLVE has done really well when they created their Sustainability Shop including: Organic, Environmentally Conscious, Recycled, Plant Based and/or Upcycled criteria in this little corner where you can shop a little guilty free if you want to have the planet in mind.

Even though these garments are not from the most enviromentally or labor friendly shops, here’s what brands are truly Ethical & Sustainable and worth all your $$$$$:


I would put all my money in organic fibers, even though these brands might lack biodegradable packaging, poor supply chain, no trace of living wages in supply chain, health does come first as a consumer in my opinion. It’s true that what you put on your body it gets absorbed through your skin (test it out: rub some garlic on the bottom of your feet and you will taste garlic in your mouth!) so as a consumer that’s all that matters to me. Now not all these brands are perfect and not all of their garments are organic, but it’s a start.

AGOLDECitizens of HumanityFAITHFULL THE BRANDHelsaJONATHAN SIMKHAI STANDARDTheoryTularosaVeja | WellBeing + BeingWell


All eyes on GRLFRND denim pieces made of reclaimed vintage fabrics, where details and colors vary on each piece making it unique.


More and more brands try to get more sustainable by using recycled materialsluch as polyester which I don’t personally recommend. Polyester is actually a plastic, and recycled or not, has many toxic chemicals embedded in it. Synthetic materials such as acrylic, nylon, and polyester are made from chemicals such as thermoplastic, which outgas plastic molecules whenever they are heated.

I’m ok with recycled natural fibers such as polyamide, wool, cotton, leather, rubber, etc which make more sense.

It makes me happy to see many brands that use Recycled Polyamide in their swimsuits now, such as: Maaji , Faithfull the Brand, Lovers and Friends, Camilla, Bond Eye, Tularosa, Solid & Stripe, Ganni, Cult Gaia & more

Even thought not all these brands are perfect in the way they create their garments yet, it’s a slow process to move towards perfection, but with time nothing is impossible, so as a conscious consumer, next time when your shopping, make some smart choices not only for you, but also for the planet and people who create these garments.



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