Before I begin,I wanna share i’m 34 years old,and my main concern right now is fine lines around my eyes and neck lines.

So,here are two potent little secrets that I use right now.

image1. OLAY REGENERIST REGENERATING SERUM It can be used alone,or under moisturizer.Leaves skin velvety and works great with make-up.I use it only in the morning,but it can be used as a nigh time serum too.So far this is my no.1 choice in serums,it’s versatile,moisturizes well,is not oily,and it works!

2.ROC DEEP WRINKLE NIGHT CREAM I love this little miracle for the nighttime,very potent and moisturizing,non greasy.

If you have sensitive skin,they have one for sensitive skin too.

It can be used by itself,or with moisturizer.For me it depends on the season,during winter i moisturize too.Just that during summertime,you always have to use SPF moisturizer,because it’s increasing sensitivity to sunburns.

I bought them both @Costco on sale,and I can’t wait to restock!

Is anybody else using these and are they pleased?


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