As soon as the warm days arrive, a lot of events pop too.And I love,love to glam it up for it

Depends on the event you are attending to,season,dress code and venue,they way you dress and put up an outfit,shows how considerate you are towards the people who invite you to celebrate together with them.Usually the invitation sais the dress code,but if it doesn’t….


  1. WHITE TIE:a formal long length evening gown,neutral colors,glamorous hair,dramatic makeup and jewelry
  2. BLACK TIE:formal floor length gown or short dressy cocktail dress in neutral colors
  3. FORMAL/BLACK TIE OPTIONAL:a long dress,dressy separates or a formal cocktail dress in neutral colors
  4. SEMIFORMAL/DRESSY CASUAL:a cocktail dress,dressy skirt and top
  5. FESTIVE:cocktail dress or a party dress in a fun color,fun accessories
  6. CASUAL:summer sundress(nothing formal)or skirt/pants with a nice blouse.Natural makeup and everyday hair
  7. BEACH FORMAL:summer sundress,or tea-length dress and flat sandals

AND NEVER WEAR WHITE,UNLESS THE INVITATION SAIS SO!11312669_728207857288131_2453573886020554242_o

20150606_100810 20150606_100832 IMG_0062 IMG_0075 IMG_0097IMG_0182 IMG_0235 20150606_095830 IMG_0261 IMG_0265

DRESS:Terani Couture

SANDALS:Sam Edelman

EARRINGS:Rush by Denis & Charles



I hope this inspire you



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  1. you look amazing

    Check out my new post
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    1. Laura Bruj says:

      Thank you 😙


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