Wipes haul

Now seriously,there are so many cleansing/makeup remover wipes on the market right now and you might think,easy peasy,you just go pick one,that states it’s right for you.But what if it isn’t? What if your face and eyes burns your skin like hell while using it?

My issue with the “tissues” is that so many state are hypoallergenic,great for sensitive skin and so on.

Here are the few I recently picked and how they performed:


1 YES TO tomatoes blemish clearing FACIAL WIPES

These don’t sting my face at all,and I only use them occasionally when I see my skin break out.They clean and refresh my skin really well,so I might repurchase.

2 YES TO cucumbers hypoallergenic FACIAL WIPES

These work really well too,t cleans the skin really good and it leaves is nice and refreshed+toned BUT I really hate the scent of these wipes(fake cucumber scent),even though they work good,so i might not return to them because of that.

3 ALBA BOTANICA hawaiian 3-in-1 clean towelettes

Nature infused,super safe and super green,they clean and remove makeup really well,sensitive skin approved.I totally will repurchase these.YAY!(we have a winner)

4 SIMPLE micellar make-up remover wipes

I bought these because I wanted to try something new,and upgrade my old wipes(Neutogena) to something better,but I still can’t read some of the ingredients.Anyway,sensitive skin approved,and they worked great as a makeup remover.

5 NEUTROGENA makeup remover cleansing towelettes 

My old tissue that tingled slightly around my eyes,which I’m using my last package now of,and moving towards more natural and organic brands/products.Been using these the past 3 years or so and I wasn’t looking to change them until i switched to more green products,but now I am so glad to do so! I thought all wipes might burn my face so nothing existed to suit my skin…until now!(that I finally woke up)


Read my full review here. For these I had really high hopes because they are more expensive,but they were the driest and really sting my face and around my eyes.GOSH!


So that was my mini haul,let me know if you have any natural/organic favorites that I should try in the comments down below.

Clean faced,Laura


  1. Jeez – that’s too bad to hear about the Josie Maran wipes!! I read this post previously and I blame you for encouraging me to buy 4 sets of makeup wipes! LOL! So far, the Yes to Cucumbers is GREAT! I hate the smell too though. So annoying. Loving Alba makeup wipes and Simple too. The Neutrogena ones (I bought in pink grapefruit) kinda sting my face. Womp womp. Great review!!!

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