VALENTINES Day Survival Kit


February 14 is the day to celebrate out L-O-V-E,and if you don’t plan to have a romantic restaurant dinner out,here’s what you can do,in the comfort of your own home:


You don’t need to spend any money on anything,as long as you’ve got ten minutes to cut some paper hearts,light some candles or just throw some rose petals around the house,bed,bath,anywhere you think might be necessary,erm.If your feeling even more creative,there’s DIY hearts origami you can fold from magazines paper(any pages with pink or red will do).


I’ve had some extra little hands to help and we did a little heart design stamping with a cut potato and some beets juice.Fun!



Create the mood with your favorite music(my current playlist)


All women love flowers and expect flowers on Valentines Day! Now your sweetheart might like a certain type of flowers,but seriously you can’t go wrong,as long as you get some!



You can’t go wrong with covered in chocolate strawberries,and that’s what I’m planning to do. You can easily just buy strawberries and chocolate,and DIY at home!


I always thought DIY cards are the best.You can always add your personality and humor into one,or just personal feelings and love words.


I personally,will shop my closet for V-Day,and anything with pink or red will pretty much do,and if you really don’t own anything that color,just put on a red lipstick and all the eyes will be on your lips. If you want to spicy it up,wear some lace underwear underneath or whatever your/his hearth desires.You want to surprise him with a new lingerie? There are some pretty cool conscious lingerie brands out there,like: Brook There,Naja,Pact,Bluestockings Boutique,Araks,StyleSaint,..or maybe he will surprise you with a gift card!


…are always a good idea.You can totally rock a Love Movie Date,or even pick a love movie at home.I prefer romantic comedies,and some of my choices would be:The Proposal,The Ugly Truth,No Reservations,Music and Lyrics,Wedding Crashers.

KISSING required!


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  1. Great tips! I actually love my lace bralettes cause they’re so comfy! This picture is so beautiful, you’re really pretty ❤
    Anna xx

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    1. Laura Bruj says:

      Thank you so much 😘

      Liked by 1 person

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