It took me a 6 years of absence of training in a gym,and I’ve missed it.

I never really didn’t exercise,but there’s something about going in a gym.Even that I don’t go there to socialize,I even recognize some friendly faces, i see every time i go,around the same hours,same days.

The reason I went back to a gym,is always my top priority,improving health,keeping a normal weight,but this time I planed even to tone up my body,more than ever.

First day when I signed up,I sat down with a gym associate,who assessed my body situation,which didn’t alarmed me,because I’m in a normal range weight.

What interested me most, was my body fat,and that was 24%.From there,I created a personal goal to lower it to 20%,which is still in normal range,and to be realistic,easy to maintain.I’m 5’6 (168cm)tall and weight 138pounds(63kg)

6 months have past,and I was hitting the gym constantly 5 days a week.I have a purpose.Grow up my muscle mass,lower my body fat and have ripped abs by the summer.I went to do a body fat check,and surprisingly my body fat didn’t lower.

I didn’t get bothered by that,since I see an increase in muscle mass that it show.


Now,I plan to still lower that body fat,but not so fast,I don’t want my body to crash.I do watch what I eat,a lot.try to eat organic food,clean,cook as much as possible.I try to avoid precooked,cans or plastic wrapped foods.I eat a lot of proteins,fruits,vegetables,complex carbs and eat about 5-7 times/day.

When I started in the wintertime,I did about 3 days a week weights,2 days a week a class,as Bootcamp or Body Works.Both classes are really challenging and change constantly.Now I do change that plan every 4-6 weeks,so my body doesn’t get used to the exercises,and get lazy! If you want your body to change,you need to challenge it as much as possible.Comfort is not an option!

If you would like to see what I eat in a day,follow me on Snapchat LauraBruj6

I already feel stronger and I feel my body getting in a better shape.

I am determined.I am happy.



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