Last days of Summer

Last days of Summer are pretty amazing here in Chicago area.We have sunny weather, which for a September,I remember is kinda rare, 75° to 85° degrees, and it feels amazing.

Even though I lay mostly at our buildings pool, now that is closed,I went to the Michigan lake beach(Wilmette), and sun bathe, maybe for the last time this year.

Oh yeah,i’ve decided to wear his shirt again, as a skirt this time, and he wasn’t even mad about i😅.



IMG_20170916_172213_697IMG_20170916_222447_595This beautiful handcrafted Larimar silver jewelry from JEWELEXI it comes directly from Artisans home to yours.Larimar is the stone of Atlantis found only on the island of Caribbean Sea of the Dominican Republic🌊,and it has reputation for being a Healing Stone with deep Spiritual Powers.🌌The stone helps release Fear,Resentment and Negative Attachments.Larimar can also help you find better Balance,and is also known to be natural Antidepressant🌊💙🌊

IMG_20170917_115305_499IMG_20170917_113550_155This LUCY AND JO Sizzle Swirl ring is Ethically made by the Wandera Brothers👬 from Kibera slums of Nairobi(living on less than 1$/day),and also 5% of their sale goes to non-profit Gorilla Doctors🐒


The reusable bag it came in,is made by women in Uganda.


Finally,showing off some abs 😅😅😅

Check out my post about my current handbag here.


Seeing beauty in everything,


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