STORMIE DREAMS Recycled PET Plastic Handbag


STORMIE DREAMS was born in Los Angeles 10 years ago, making all their products in USA,and paying their employees above minimum wages,part of their ethical standards, in growing the community.

They use sustainable fabrics and materials,trying to achieve a zero waste production, and their packaging is trying to reduce the carbon footprint.

The Lucca B&W Checkered Handbag is artisanal 100% Handmade sustainable by empowered women in Mexico,of Recycled PET Plastic.

It comes in multiple colors and patterns, and I really like the size, not to small and not to big, and especially use it for things, that might be dirty or spill, since is easy washable.





Sustainable,Ethical,Zero Waste STORMIE DREAMS



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  1. I loved the style, Laura! ❤

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  2. What a nice bag, and a great brand too!

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    1. Laura Bruj says:

      Thank you,I love it

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