Cool mornings and rainy days, sipping cocoas and streaming Netflix! Yes,is autumn, and my skincare is shifting.



I don’t use every morning a cleanser, since my skin is really dry, but when I do,I usually go on cold days for this ORGANIC SURGE BRIGHTENIGN HOT CLOTH CLEANSER,that is very moisturizing and calming for my dry skin.I usually rub it all over my face, grab a towel and wet it with hot water, let it sit on my face 1 minute, then gently remove the cleanser off my face with the towel.Th e experience is very relaxing, opening the pores, and moisturizing.I usually do this in the evening, and in the morning I just splash some water on my face, plain,like that.About twice a week I use a sugar scrub together with my cleanser, and I currently enjoy THE CRUNCHY MAMA BEAR’S ORANGE CREAMSICLE SUGAR SCRUB,that smell like oranges.

I follow with a toner, and most of my toners don’t have alcohol in it.I currently reached for my JURLIQUE ACTIVATING WATER ESSENCE,and yes, it feels like water, but is made with a bunch of plant extracts,essential oils and witch hazel.

Because serum is a aging girls best friend,I use a plumping one, and sometimes I don’t need more,THE CRUNCHY MAMA BEAR’S FACIAL SERUM,is an oil, with anti-aging properties.

We’ve had few global-warming kind of days, and when is over 70° I usually moisturize with a cream, that usually is not a cream,just tricky like that.I currently love SANRE SIESTA SUNSET AVOCADO&SEA BUCKTHORN CREAM(avocado oil base),because is for dry mature skin, rich, and smell so divine, and another one similar to it, but it has a mousse consistence,MULONDON MARIGOLD,FRANKINCENSE&MYRR MOISTURIZER(shea butter and coconut oil base).

I have a slight obsession with eye cream, because I’ve been sleep deprived for a long period of time, when I’ve started having lots of puffiness, and aging signs,but that’s quite normal to experience over 30’s,no?;-) So I kinda rotate 3 eye products:

JEFFREY JAMES THE EYE GEL,because is a gel and contains hyaluronic acid and cucumber, to help depuff of course,and reduce aging signs.

100%PURE COFFE BEAN CAFFEINE EYE CREAM made with coffee and green tea to help depuff and reduce dark circles

GOOD MEDICINE STARRY EYES is actually warming when applied under the eyes, and is also great to reduce puffiness and reduce/prevent wrinkles, also increase collagen and elasticity



I definitely use the cleanser I mentioned in the evening, and sometimes I just sit and relax until my hot towel goes cold.

In the evening,I target skin repair ,and I’ve been rotating thru few serums:

MAPLE HOLISTIC VITAMIN C has Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid ,great to repair sun damage, boost collagen, and reduce wrinkles

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MAJESTIC PURE LICORICE EXTRACT SERUM is great to reduce and prevent age spots, dark spots, pigmentation issues,and also stimulate collagen production

SKIN ACTIVE SCIENTIFIC VITAMIN A SERUM,is my retinol serum, that helps smooth out the skin, reduce pigmentation and stimulate renewal.Because is making skin prone to sunburns,I couldn’t use it during summertime’s now it’s the right time for it.

THE CREAM FACIAL SERUM is a very innovative serum, made with cow colostrum,very nourishing and plumping, great when my skin gets super dry from the harsh weather.Sometimes I just use it by itself, it’s just great, like that!

For evening face moisturizers,I always battle between a cream and an oil,and I currently use SIBU REJUVENATING NIGHT CREAM,a highly moisturizing but not greasy cream, that help reduce the signs of aging, and for the oil,TANORICI ORGANIC FACIAL OIL,a blend of castor and avocado oil, very thick, highly moisturizing and super moisturizing.targeting inflammation, wrinkles and acne.

I don’t always use eye cream in the evening, but when I do,I go for NUDU EYE CREAM,a very light moisturizer, has hyaluronic acid in it,is anti aging,boosts skin elasticity and is also calming.


Let me know if you guys have any question about any of these products, or maybe you can recommend me your holy grail product in skincare you absolutely can’t live without.

Forever young,Laura

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