Consciously YOGA

My first contact with yoga, was when I was a teenager, and I thought only older people practice it, they all gather in a room, and they use breathing techniques, and that’s all about it.I never thought it might be for everybody, for any level of fitness, for improving balance, mobility,strenght,balance,reducing stress and improve overall health.

I only came to try it for the first time,20 years after that, about 6 years ago, when I took the P90X challenge, in the comfort of my own homes, and nobody would have to caught me, trying yoga! And I was really surprised, how challenging it was, and how good it made me feel.


I still do yoga occasionally,especially when I think I’m to stressed, tired, or just because I feel like it,and I’ve gathered all the gadgets needed to do that:



I’ve got the ultimate eco-friendly yoga mat (made from natural rubber and sustainable corks very nice heavy mat), totally non-toxic (free from PVCs and other chemicals that can harm you and our planet),naturally antimicrobial (it will inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and odors which otherwise thrive on other cheap foam yoga mats),non-slipeery,stylish and durable.



My VPL TOP is designed from upcycling leftover fabric, slow fashion design, made in USA  with zero waste practice and give back program.


My lyocell LEGGINGS are super stretchy and breathable and let me move and any crazy position I decide to try.


I’m a believer in magic,in stars and spirits, in energy, and balance. I’m not gullible,but I choose things that give me also pleasure, such as a crystal CHAKRA BRACELET,that it matches with any outfit what I would choose to wear on a daily basis.Crystals send energy through your aura and their vibrations can be felt by the entire body,they are meant to absorb any negative energy so that only positive energy is left to be enjoyed.Mine has also howlite,a lovely white stone to use when needing to reduce anxiety, tensions and stress.

TRILOKA-HOPI PINION is a invigorating and reassuring herbal incense sticks, with a balmy sweet scent, uniting resinous,with wood and floral notes.All natural and burn for about 30 minutes, always gave me a sense of calm.


SIGIL SCENT-AURA has been a favorite yoga scent since I first got it. It can be used as a room or body spray, made with organic and wildcrafted essential oils, with with key notes of Agarwood,Palo Santo and Grapefruit,and is great for meditation and people who would like to escape.The scent is not for everyone’s definitely try a sniff before committing.The smell is strong and is taking you to a top of a mountain, where is wood burning.



MIGRAINE MAGIC is a holistic migraine spray-on ,created with all natural,certified  organic and wildcrafted essential oils,in a superelectrolyte solution.Is the only product ment to targets physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.Ever since I’ve got this spray, I use it on daily basis, just to release any head congestion, calm during yoga, or just relax in the evening. Is also great for people with migraines, headaches and anxiety.


GEMS ELIXIRZ-FOCUS This spray is for external use only ,with great aromatherapeutic and gemstone properties.The aroma is a blend of Jasmine, Lanender, Lemon, Rosemary and natural spring water,amethyst (brings you into focus and enhances memory),botswana agate (t help find solutions) and fluorite (excellent learning aid, increases concentration and quick thinking). I usually use this blend in the morning when I have a million things on my mind.


I’ve learned over the years to love and enjoy yoga, and set my mind to keep learning and improving all the hard postures, and also a spiritual growth.

Do you yoga?



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