Never-ending fun

In the past ten years we took many vacations to Florida,where the sun is always sunshine,lol,and my favorite part is collecting seashells and find all kids of creatures in the ocean. We always love taking a vacation there, socialize with friends, relax.

We usually get lazy by laying down by the beach during the day, and go out for the night, usually enjoying dinner together and have a drink or two. We always combine socializing, with drinking, even when we get together, without being away on vacation.


And then one question about drinking rise: How much is to much?

I grew up in a family, where socializing always meant drinking, especially for my father, but alcohol drink never missed from my house. So here I am, a grown up, a parent, and alcohol drinks are not missing from my house. Now I do believe I chose better ones, in my opinion, and I often go for a bottle of wine,which reportedly is improving health. And then I wonder, How much to drink to improve health?


There’s always a misconception where fun and/or goes along with drinking.

And drinking is not the only culprit.

So imagine going to Florida on Spring Break,your 21,you can drink as much as you want, you feel unleashed, and probably for the first time free to control the choice to drink. You have the time of your life. And then you want to keep it that way.Never-ending fun!

But you wake up one day, and you realize you have another problem, and many don’t realize it, it’s called addiction.

Addiction is very easy to achieve, but it usually covers other personal problems.Addicts always try to avoid they have a problem, but accepting is the first step. And there’s always help ready to reach for.

Now I’m eager to return to Florida for “more fun” even without drinking.


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