Similar to a Jade Roller,this JADIENCE Jade Needle Derma Roller is the bomb 🙌

The Jade Needle Body Roller is a Traditional Chinese anti-cellulite and anti-aging beauty tool that has been used for thousands of years to promote youthful skin. The Jade Needle Body Roller not only visibly improves the appearance of skin, but feels heavenly as it glides, rolls and massages the skin, delivering a cool and refreshed sensation. The serrations of the stone allow the roller to reach deep, stimulating elastin and collagen as well as breaking up cellulite. It will help erase crepe skin, dimples, and creases with ease. Easily treat fat accumulation to the hips, buttocks, neck, face, arms, legs, decollate, body, and thighs. You will be amazed at the new look and feel it brings, and your friends will all ask, “What’s your secret?”

According to ancient oriental medical wisdom, jade heals stressed organs, discharges toxins, slows down the process of cell aging, and has the excellent ability to strengthen the body’s natural healing powers. Jade contains vital elements for the human body such as minerals, calcium, magnesium and water. In addition, jade is known to transmit infrared rays in the same wavelength as the human body, and it is known to produce negative ions to boost cell metabolism. These rays safely and gently heat your body’s tissues and blood. Your blood vessels dilate and qi (energy) increases, causing your blood cells to move faster. This removes toxins quicker, speeds cell regeneration, increases liver and kidney filtration, and decreases blood pressure.


Twice bigger and heavier,it’s great to also massage those body parts,where you’d like to see your skin more supple and tight (such as cellulite on the legs,arms,and even consider belly).So it’s kinda like a Jade Roller with benefits 🤪 Colors may vary from very light green Jade to green Jade. Used with a cellulite serum for advanced quicker benefit.

Can’t wait to use it !!!

What kind of secret you guys have, for fighting agains cellulite, please do share!!!


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  1. Awesome Post Girl! ThnQ you so much for sharing!
    Girl you rock wth that haircut! Have a nice Sunday!
    Hugz & Kisses,
    Miss B. X

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    1. Laura Bruj says:

      Thank you,have an awesome Sunday too 🙌


  2. this is such a good post and you look SO PRETTY!! btw I’m new to blogging and I’d really appreciate if you’d check it out, much love!

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