A new hair care line just launched at Sephora, SEED PHYTONUTRIENTS Moisture, that was gifted to me and I had a chance to try it out and share my thoughts with you.


“Seed Phytonutrients mission is to plant the seeds of health, well-being, and sustainability for future generations. They craft high performance, clean, sustainable products in the first-ever shower-friendly paper bottle that is 60 percent less plastic than a traditional bottle. Join their movement!”

The SEED PHYTONUTRIENTS line is described as “CLEAN AT SEPHORA”,but i’m one of those people who search thru the ingredients list, and carefully pick my products.

I really like that SEED PHYTONUTRIENTS offers transparency and they directly stated on their bottle how much of the ingredients are of natural origin (95% to 98%) which is really important to me as a consumer.

Organic Basics

Also they use environmentally responsible packaging from Ecologic.

Eco Bottle Outer Shell


High performance with strong fiber

  • Eco-friendly packaging made from 100% recycled cardboard and old newspaper
  • Can be recycled again or composted where no recycling facilities exist
  • Meets ASTM D 6868 composting standards
  • Comfortable to grip, easy to pour
  • Moisture resistant and no sticky drips
Eco Bottle Inner Liner


Maximum barrier with minimal plastic

  • Made with up to 60% less plastic than rigid plastic bottles
  • Recyclable non-laminated mono-polymer structure
  • Produces low volume waste where no recycling facilities exist
  • BPA-free

New Arrivals

And now lets hear more about the Moisture Hair care line, click play↓

These hair products worked really well for me, and I’m always in search for Natural & Organic hair care products, since they are not to many to choose from on the market with only clean ingredients, and they don’t always perform as expected comparing to the generic ones. The price is fair considering they are made with Natural Ingredients.


The pumps work really well too, and the cardboard packaging is long-lasting. Inside each cardboard packaging, there is an Organic Seed Packet,so make sure to find it before your composting.



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