Alo Naturals is a small business, that are creating beautiful handmade natural and organic products, vegan & cruelty freehand only scented with essential oils.


This is more than a mud mask, rich in vitamins and minerals from the Dead Sea,it cleanses the pores, without drying the skin, leaving the skin looking younger. Because it also has papaya enzymes, is also exfoliating, so is removing dead cells. My dry skin is not feeling dry after this mask. Brush included, yay!



This toner is very unique, and is formulated to brighten, reduce redness, acne,reduce puffiness and signs of aging.If that’s not enough,it’s also closing pores and is very hydrating.

A highly hydrating facial mist, that keeps my dry skin well moisturized.
I like it especially when my foundation gets to dry up on my facet give my skin a hydration boost. Can be applied under makeup, or on top, since it has such a fine mist.



Seriously, this is one of the best body butter I tried so far! The texture is creamy and rich, and leaves my skin in such amazing condition. I was just reading that:

“It eases respiratory problems, acts as a natural mosquito and bug repellent, heightens stimulation, serves as an antidepressant, increases energy levels, and helps the mind focus.  If you close your eyes this warm delicious smell will take you right to the tropical spice plantations of southern India which is where we got our inspiration for this unique scent!”

Our natural handmade body butter makes skin silky soft! It is made of top quality raw ingredients from around the world making it completely unique and high grade. It moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates your skin to promote a healthy and radiant glow!”

I also noticed that it tones the skin, so it’s also keeps the skin elastic.I’m totally obsessed with the scent of it, and it’s smells freaking delicious.


I’ve also tried their lip balm in the past, and is very rich in oils.

If you want to discover more from Alo Naturals, you can always start by trying their Face Kit,or a Travel Kit, and I definitely need to try their Bug Spray,since every summer I get attacked by the pesky vampires.And don’t forget, save 10% with ALO10.



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