FLOWER AND SPICE Modern Apothecary is a small company from Switzerland that blends organic ingredients into amazing organic skincare products, with high potency.

Click play to hear my first impressions:

“My Star:
Midnight Beauty was the inspiration for launching Flower and Spice. While studying organic science, I began experimenting with different oils on my skin, creating one particular blend which I fell in love with due to its gentle, natural scent. However, what I found even more captivating than the way it smelled, was how it improved the look and feel of my skin! After years of using all sorts of products, I finally discovered the secret to waking up with a petal soft, deeply hydrated and smooth complexion. I knew then that this blend was the start of something special—and that I wanted to share this Midnight Beauty with you. ”


and I must agree, for the first time I used this serum and fell in love with it and quickly became my favorite.

It’s a perfect blend of oils that quickly penetrate the skin, it’s nourishing and hydrating, without a greasy feel. The scent is captivating and I must say is what makes me use it every night.There are many products to choose from on the market, but when a product has the right ingredients blended together, magic happens.

Flower & Spice don’t have a large variety of products in their shop, but the products have been created to perfection, creating a luxurious experience when used, plus the way they packed their products, just blew me away. And because of that, this makes a perfect gift, for any woman, any age. The sturdy magnetic box that products came in, quickly became a photo box, that I’m gonna treasure forever.

Also, when you shop, they include some mini samples to try, so you can experience more from they luxurious products.


Discover more at Flower & Spice


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  1. just watched your video ❤ very nice 🙂


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