I’m not really that person that has to have all the products on the market, and especially palettes, and this definitely wasn’t an impulse buy. I remember when the 100%Pure ROSE GOLD Palette launched in 2018 and back then it was really hard to buy it online, since it was always Sold Out,or that’s just another marketing gimmick to make up want to buy something. What made me decide to buy it, was going into the 100%Pure store, and see it with my eyes! My first thought was initially, that,from all their palettes options, this one was definitely more up on my alley.


The price of $55 shouldn’t scare you, since 100%Pure now they always have some kind of promotion or sale,so be patient if you can, but comparing to buying individual blushes and eyeshadows, the palette seem to be at a really good value, almost half the price.

I love the sleek cardboard palette material and also the color, it’s simply stunning!


The palette comes with 3 eyeshadows Luster,Gleam,Gimmer

LUSTER: Warm bronze eyeshadow with plum undertone and shimmer.

GLEAM: Pale, rose nude eyeshadow with pink undertone and shimmer.

GLIMMER: Rose gold eyeshadow with shimmer.

My skin color is light to medium, and the eyeshadows are giving my hazel eyes a very natural and beautiful glow.


I didn’t understand why the eyeshadow colors were not put in the palette from light to dark (they put them dark, light, medium),and also the medium and dark color are to close as color, and on my eyelids I don’t see a difference between them. Also if you don’t use a primer or a wet brush, is really hard to get a metallic effect. On my skin,I definitely didn’t achieved a huge Rose Gold that I kinda expected, but I definitely can use each shade one at a time, and with other colors I own, but not together, since they are not buildable and blendable.

1 blushย PRIMP: Coppery rosy blush with slight golden shimmer.

and I must say this is one of my favorite blushes I own so far. A subtle pinkish red, and when applied it has fine red particles shimmering, so mesmerizing.


and 1 highlighterย PRISM: Pale, rose gold highlighter with pearly shimmer

that I can definitely say that I truly love. This one is light pink, and when applied wet, it’s prismatic, almost like dust taken from an unicorn ย (my swatch definitely didn’t captured that ๐Ÿ˜‰

Because the products are made from clean ingredients, fruits and vegetable dyes, and natural stones, you can definitely feel comfortable to use it freely, without thinking if it would bother sensitive skin. The base in these products is rice starch, so definitely will work with the normal to oily skin types too.


Overall,I love the size of the palette, it has a very sleek look, with a generous mirror insides it’s definitely portable friendly. The eyeshadows didn’t worked well together on me, but I love them all individually, and the blush and the highlight are amazing! I truly must say that overall the 100%Pure Rose Gold Palette is a winner!!!


Now, because I remember how much I wanted this palette when it was sold out, I wanted to give one away and share some crystal sparkles with one of you, so here is aย 100%Pure Rose Gold Palette GIVEAWAY,ย rulesย are simple,just follow me on Instagram,Youtube(leave a comment on my 100%Pure review and giveaway video),follow Blog by E-mail,so you never miss a post,Twitter and/or Facebook page.

Giveaway is International and it lasts until June 14!

Good luck!


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  1. I hate it when I know I want something but I keep going back and forth yes / no…. The colors are beautiful and something that I would wear

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