So today I have a collaboration posts, with my “sister” Renata from GreenLifeInDublin, and we both will share our summer favorites, so please go check out Renata’s Summer Favorites too and give her some love.

Not my ultimate favorite season, but Summer is definitely most fun, with most traveling and friends gatherings, fireworks and firefights. It’s also the season when the local FARMERS MARKET is open, where local farmers come and sell their crops, all ripe and in season, and we love to see how many dogs are visiting too with their owners.

This year I even dyed my hair a vivid CORAL color, and I must admit, dyeing my hair is not a natural and organic process, but is my guilty pleasure, and my way to match my inside with my outside. And because nobody likes frizz during hot summer days, I’m currently loving my Captain Blankenship Rose Gold Sunset SEA SALT SHIMMER SPRAY.


Because we are so lucky to have a pool by our building, we need to load up on SPF,and of course we are using a nontoxic one, by Raw Elements Face + Body Water Resistant SPF30 SUNSCREEN. And because I love an oil, more than a cream,Laurel Body Oil saves the day. This oil is also amazing after the sun bathing, to help skin regenerate.


My current foundations have already SPF in them, and that’s really awesome,knowing that you have extra protection from the harsh sunrays.My favorite are 100%Pure Bamboo Blur, Eccobella Foundation and 100%Pure BB Cream.


Because we love traveling in the summer and spend most of our times outdoors, for me a BUG REPELLANT is necessary, because I can’t seem to get away without any bites. So this year I’ve got a new Lava Stone Bracelet that I load it up with Essential Oils that keep mosquitos away, such as: Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Basil/Sweet Basil and Clary Sage. I even bought a Citronella Essential Oil,but seriously, I have no clue where I’ve put it. Does it happen to any of you too?


Multitasking products are the best, especially traveling, and my all time favorite traveler is WELEDA Skin Food,since it can be used for anything, seriously,from skincare, to haircare, body care,first aid and probably anything you can think off. Also,a multitsking rose water spray, such as Katari Roseau, can cool and hydrate your skin in the summer, tame frizz and just make you smell fresh.


In the summer my skin gets really thirsty, so a body moisturizer or an oils a must. My current favorites are Bergamot Cove Beeswax Body Lotion and Maya Chia Body Oil.


It’s quite funny, but since this year we are lacking heat and sun,I was faking a bronzed look quite a lot,so bronzers are it! this season. I use on a daily basis cream bronzers,and my current favorites are Duet Beauty Cocoa and Fawn, and when I want to look more polished,I reach for a powder, such as 100%Pure Cocoa or EccoBella Bronzer.


And because shimmer is life, and you can’t go wrong with one during the summer,Couleur Caramel has this amazing Illuminating Body Gel that is simply perfection, and my all time favorite highlighter from Zao Organics it’s still giving me that perfect glow everytime I put it on.


Who doesn’t like a vanilla scent during hot summer days, that makes you dream of a vacation on an island? So this Scentual Alchemy Platinum Balancing Mist, has me obsessed with it scent, for the past 2 years or so.


And the last, but not least, my new 100%Pure ROSE GOLD PALETTE it’s a winner, even tough I think the eyeshadows don’t really pop as much as I would like from a metallic eyeshadow, so if you have a technique recommendation, please ahead and share your knowledge with me.


Let me know some of your favorites too, and hopefully we can all enjoy  beautiful summer!


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  1. Thanks for collaborating with me Laura! Loved seeing so many cool natural favourites! There are quite a few products I’ve yet to try, so I am off to check them out – my wish list just got longer 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laura Bruj says:

      I will get to check our what you’ve added in a little bit 😍


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