If you are a human,who lives in a society, that requires for you to wear basics, such as underwear, you might want to rethink the way you shop, when you’re hunting for your next garments.

I grew up, knowing cotton is the best, when picking up your material, but also learn recently, that cotton is grown with fertilizers, using to much water, with pesticides, and then dyed with chemicals. So would you like that kind of cotton to touch your skin?


Your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it, and anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream within 26 seconds. You probably might want to test that out, by rubbing a piece of garlic on your foot sole, and feel the garlicky taste in your mouth in few seconds!!!

So then you might think: what else should I use?

Well, the answer is pretty simple: Organic Cotton and Sustainable companies that  continuously are reducing their environmental footprint. These factories also ensure that their workplace is free of child labor and forced labor, their workers are surrounded in a safe working space, paid a living wage, offered employee perks like free lunch and childcare – and of course, they are treated with respect at all times.

One of these companies that I came across in the past year is ORGANIC BASICS, offering transparency to their practices,environmental footprint and lifetime durability, using responsible fabric materials and technology available. That means natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable and or low-impact textiles only.

They’ve been very kind to collaborate with me on this post, and I chose to try from their variety of products from men and women.


For this set, you have the option to choose your size of Thong 2-Pack,Triangle Bra, and a Women’s Tee.


I must say that I’m so happy to see a very beautiful simple paper packaging, without any plastic involved, no tags.

Thong 2-Pack individual $39


It comes in 2 options, Black or Rose Nude, and sizes between XS and XL.I’ve got mine in S and it fits true to size. The material is 95% Organic Cotton and 5% Elastane, so it has some stretch.


What I really liked about this thongs that it has a really wide elastic, very comfortable and also giving a little tummy tuck feel.The leg opening, also has an elastic edge, giving lots of comfort during movement.


The quality is exceptional for a basic underwear,so the price shouldn’t scare you.

Triangle Bra individual $47

44da6aea-0a0f-40e7-9168-04c9611b16a1Also in two color option,Black or Rose Nude,and sizes between XS and XL. I’ve got mine in S and it also fit true to size, made from 95%Cotton and 5% elastane, same as the thong material.


Elastic stretchy shoulder straps are adjustable, and they leave enough room to adjust.


The soft cups are made from two layers of material, so they offer stretch and no peek-a-boos. I have a small chest, but the bra fits great and offers great comfort.


Probably my only issue, is that the bra, even though it has an adjustable back hook and eye closure,I’m already using the smaller length,and I’m a little worried if in time the material stretches, I don’t have more room to play. With my olders bra’s ,usually I use the last closure. The bra under chest, also has a thick elastic band, similar to the thong, which also leaves room to stretch, and is very very comfortable.


Woman’s Tee individual $39


The tee comes in White or Black Color, from size XS to XL also, and 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane. This T-Shirt is very soft to the touch, and probably a medium construction. Slight see thru, it fits true to size, with a lot of stretch.


Overall I’m really happy with this new complete pack from Organic Basics, and really happy to discover a new company that truly cares about they products, environment,and their practices. I think the individual packaging on all these products is so cute, and they make such a cute gift, and don’t forget to check out the Men section too, because our men in our lives deserve something amazing too.

In the future I definitely want to look into the Activewear section and also Socks!


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