SUMMER 2020 MAKEUP FAVORITES YouTube collab w/Renata @GreenLifeInDublin

I hope everyone’s summer is already amazing just like mine, and I finally I’ve put together a video, in collaboration with Renata from @GreenLifeInDublin ,a video of my summer 2020 makeup favorites that just recently launched on my Youtube channel, and Renata will share her favorites in skincare and body care, so please check out her video too.

As you might know, during summertime all makeup has to be sweat proof, make sure it stays on, plus not to make you like a hot mess, so all these products are carefully selected, all natural and organic, and going towards plastic free. If you guys have other favorites, would love to hear about them in the comments down below. My eyeshadow makeup is definitely inspired by water and skies, with different shimmer glows, and a bright lipstick is always so attractive with my tan, but you can always skip that if you don’t go for brights lipsticks.

Click to watch how I use these makeup products ↓↓↓↓↓


Primer | Foundation | Concealer | Powder | Eyebrows | Bronzer | Blush(save 25% with LAURABRUJ18) | Highlighter | Eyeliner | Eyeshadow | Liquid eyeliner | Mascara | Lip liner | Plumping Lipgloss (save 15% with LAURABRUJ15) | Lipstick

Watch Renata’s skincare and body care favorites here:


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