The reason fragrance companies got away with selling toxic products for so long is that they are not legally required to list their ingredients on the labels. Regulations have made it legal to keep their ingredients undisclosed by simply disgusting them under the term “fragrance”. In fact, a company can legally use over 400 ingredients under the single term to “protect” their trade formulas. Although there may be some credibility to protecting a company’s formula, it should not be done at the expense of the end user’s health. 

Numerous studies have found that most of the most commonly used ingredients in commercial fragrance products can induce mild allergic reactions like headache, sinus inflammation, itchiness, runny nose and can contribute to worse issues such as hormonal imbalances, organ damage, and even cancer.

So why would you expose yourself to that? Well, it’s all in our heads, being influenced by marketing, trends, big name brands, vanity and sometimes memories.

That being said, there are several brands of nontoxic scents on the market these days that won’t put your health at risk, and sometimes even your pocket.

In the non-toxic word there are 4 types of scents you can pick from: scented balms, water based scents, oil based scents and alcohol based scents.


I didn’t really to find a perfume balm to add to my collection, but this was gifted to me by Bergamot Cove and its makes a really travel friendly product, and because it packed with amazing ingredients for the skin, I’ve been guilty as using this as a hand balm during winter time. But who would blame me ?;-) Definitely amazing scents to pick from, seasonal.


Every time I use a water based product, it reminds me of using back in the day the Bath,Body,Works and Victoria’s Secret water sprays, but here I am discovering some non-toxic ones that won’t put my health at risk. Gem Elixirz Focus might even help you achieve more work during the day since is packed with a lemony refreshing scent. I spritz this in the air or all over my body because is basically water and a little bit of essential oils, nothing to strong and crazy, plus it has gemstones that encourages conception, enhances reproductive health and balanced hormones.


Often referred as aromatherapy oils, these usually are a mix of essential oils with benefits in a skin friendly oil based. Because they are higher in Essential Oils, you should use these sparingly , when in need, and don’t abuse them.

Lavender & Gems ( save 15% LAURABRUJ15 ) from Etsy is a mom based shop creating aromatherapeutic blends that will uplift your mood, and I’ve tried the Energy blend(a very trendy and all age smell, very luxurious and calming), Unicorn blend (perfect for stuffed sinuses and headaches)and Hot Mess(a floral scent, but nothing to crazy)makes the perfect gift.

Root Pretty XO is a very beautiful scented blend that you can apply on your body or hair, and this scent is a slightly floral but nothing to crazy, very luxurious, even though it only has few ingredients.

Rad Soap & Co Nirvana is definitely a unisex scent, very intense, and smells exactly like sweet tobacco. This is definitely something that suits me since I like tobacco scent a lot.

Wilder North Botanicals night bloom not a perfume per se, but a scented moisturizing oil.Just the rose gold color is really pretty to watch and is smell like straight up jasmine, just really beautiful during spring and summer.

Inkling Scents Hint of lavender is a very surprising blend that smells more of lemon and green tea that always reminds me of spring morning and fresh cut grass.

Province Apothecary Uplift has a strong geranium smell and is a very energizing floral scent.

100%Pure Stress Relief smells like straight up peppermint and is great for headaches and migraines but also just to uplift your mood and open your sinuses.


FaceTheory 01 ( save 20% with BBBU74R3 ) they include a sample of perfume to try and test it out, and decide if you like it or not, risk-free. I see myself using this one more during hot summer days and slowly thru fall, since I smell oranges, burnt wood and patchouli. If I was to describe this scent, it definitely reminds me of a camp fire and a summer mimosa, a definitely intriguing scent but also unisex.

Dossier (save 10% with 10Laura ) is creating exceptional 100 % clean, vegan and cruelty-free, focused on sustainability and also affordable by removing the designer brand and retailer markups, celebrity endorsement fees etc.Inspired by iconic scents but at a way more affordable price of only $29, these perfumes are crafted In France and they are as good as anything else on the market.I’ve tried SPICY VANILLA (inspired by Tom Ford’s Noir) and SPICY ORCHID (inspired by Tom Ford’s Black Orchid) and I must say they smell as good as the originals scents, very luxurious and with many layers, these are definitely a favorite!

Pure Love Essences ( save 20% with BRUJ20 Pure Love Discover Set) I was really excited to try the Pure Love Discover Set ,a woman owned business, handcrafted in USA and fragranced with only high quality Essential oils (they do NOT contain water, fillers, or carrier oils
Mists/spray contain 35% fragrance oil)
These are also Certified Clean, Vegan and Cruelty Free plus FULLY REFUNDABLE when you purchase a full size product. 
My current favorite scent is MORROCAN Pure Love Sheer Essence Mist, with notes of golden amber & oceanic musk and exotic coconut.
The bottle also has genuine amazonite & turquoise gemstones inside (stones that soothe and enhance love)
The REBEL scent has genuine Black Tourmaline (a protection stone) and BOHO, genuine rose quartz stone (for enhancing love)

EccoBella has few organic perfume to choose from and I have tried their Ambrosia perfume.This scent was totally unexpected for me and not my favorite since it has a really strong scent of patchouli. Nothing that I’ve expected since is the last ingredient, but it comes out really strong. If India is calling your name, then this is your scent!

I also made my first DIY scent following a really simple recipe, so check it out and get inspired:

Let me know if you have tried any of these natural and organic perfumes or which ones are you most excited to try.


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