Support these ZERO WASTE BRANDS in 2021


Because we celebrate Plastic Free July all July long, but even the rest of the year, if the new trend of Zero-Waste, Refillable, Sustainable, B-corp, Give-Back, and Carbon Neutral Packaging are new to you, here are few brands that fall in that category, to support and shop in 2021:



@thredup $10 to shop

@moonshatter save w/LAURAB



@serenitycbd save 30% w/LAURAB

@dropps save 25% w/LAURABRUJ



@pelacase & @habitatbotanicals

@pureanada save 25% w/LAURAB




@plaineproducts save 20% w/LAURAB


@kataribeauty save 20% w/LAURAB


Little steps matter, so does your choice. Choose well, live well.


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