I have been over the moon when my friend Renata recommended me to be one of the CertClean’s Clean Beauty Awards JUDGE 2 years ago and I get to be part of such an amazing experience, and this year I was invited again. 2 years ago I’ve got to test and pick winners in the deodorant category, but this year, I’ve had to test and pick a winner in the TONERS category.

If you think my job is easy, think again! The finalist toners are all amazing and do a great job at what they should do, from minimizing pores, to keep the skin well hydrated and prepped for the next step in skincare, serums and moisturizers.

If you were really wondering, toners are not really absolutely necessary in a skincare routine, even though every skincare brand on the planet has one, but they are a nice addition in the skincare routine, from cleansing the extra makeup residue from your skin or oils and also to help pores shrink and avoid them being clogged with daily impurities or even skincare and makeup residue.

There are few toners on the market that are the most used, and I don’t see investing in a very expensive one a necessity, but I noticed, that toners evolved a lot from the plain which hazel and rose water, to have amazing ingredients that have tons of benefits for the skin, from ingredients that regenerate the skin, fight signs of aging and also hydrate.

So, that being said, here are the finalists:


Part of their Aura Mists, Lotuswei has a large collection of products made with flowers elixirs that help people relax. The Infinite Love Mist, it can be used as an everyday toner but also to amplify Infinite Love Meditation,loving-kindness, magnetism and self-expression.

Comes in a glass bottle with a very fine mist pump and I realized that I enjoyed spraying this mist thru the day, not just as a toner, but also to uplift my mood.


Definitely a toner with amazing ingredients for the skin, to help regenerate, calm and antibacterial, perfect for people with acne.

I really like this toner because it doesn’t have a scent and I can easily follow with my favorite serum and skincare without mixing up the scents.

I hope in the future that can move away from the plastic packaging though.


What an amazing combination of ingredients in this toner, from which hazel to aloe vera and rose water, with orange/mandarin to shrink pores, balance the skin and hydrate. This toner is also recommended for sunburn and because is minty, is also very refreshing.

Perfect toner for the summer, in a gloss bottle with a fine mist pump.


The ingredients in this toner are very effective, a combination of which hazel and essential oil of lemon peel and sweet orange to help close the pores, lavender for antibacterial properties. It also has Crystal Essences: Amethyst, Charoite, Chrysoprase, Emerald, Opal, Quartz, Turquoise that are very unique for a toner but it doest what a toner should do.

The only con with this one was the plastic packaging that can be improved and also the spray pump, that sprays a little to hard and not as a fine mist as you would expect.


This toner has amazing ingredients for acne, imflamation/rosacea , it prevents fine lines and balances skin.

Really love the aluminum bottle and the fine mist spray that this toner delivers. The ingredients are very simple but effective and the ingredients and unique comparing with the other toners I came across.


A very unique toner, made with Hyaluronic Acid to keep skin moisture levels up to 12h, Niacinamide to reduce sun spots and even skin. Made with Glaciar Water full of minerals, Blueberry fruit extract and Chaga Mushroom fruit extract, this toner has anti-aging properties and it helps skin boost collagen for a more youthful radiant skin.

The cute glass bottle come with a great spray pump and once I applied this toner, I didn’t felt the need to re-apply through the day.



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  1. Yes I don’t really believe in toners although I started using one because my moisturizer was just getting sucked up by my skin and I wanted that dewy face. So after cleansing, when I started toning, and then put my moisturizer on, I got that dew back! I actually use an essential oil hydrosol (elderflower) to tone and I SWEAR by it. So beautiful and natural and seriously evens out my skin tone! Thanks for writing, I look forward to more!


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