The coffee in the living room

I still remember as a child growing up, having my mom friends come over for a cup of coffee, socializing at our house, or us visiting and my mom having a coffee at a friends house. There were no Starbucks or to many coffee shops around, but we simply didn’t afford to go out and do that at the time. That time were for the ladies to chat, and the kids to play.

The coffee socializing, usually was taking part in “the best room of the house”, which was at the time, the living room. We lived in a small apartment, with 2 bedrooms and 1 living room, and the living room was the “best room”. I still remember the shiny lacquered furniture, that I had to dust weekly, which I didn’t like or appreciate at that time, but I really do now.

Me and my brother we often moved the furniture around in that room, and we pretended to be small designers. And no, none of us ended up being a designer.

The room had the 1 tv we owned in the house, and my dads music player, a magnetophon, that he used to listen to Queen playing when I was small.

On one side wall, was a small library collection my mom owned, and I always appreciated the poetry books she kept, and often enjoyed to read.


By the window side, my mom loved her Lilly planters, a cactus and my fathers hot peppers plant.I still remember my mom opening that specific window in the morning, to look out and simply check the weather, to see if the day started cool or warm, or if it looked like raining.

Even today, the living room is the most lively part of our apartment. Is were I enjoy our small gatherings, coffees,watching tv and listening to music.

I still like to move furniture around and pretend to be a designer,but if that is not up your alley, or you can simply find the living room designers that can help out.

What style are going for in a living room design?




















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