Roller blading Fun

If I think about it, it must have been over eight years , ago, when I probable went rollerblading last, and I was really happy to get back to it.

My roller blades were thrown in a little dark corner of my closet, and I rarely had in my mind to go use them, since I rarely find the time to do so.

So when my friend let me know about Friday nights Roller blade Fun, I decided to dust my old Rollerblade and go enjoy it again.

The cool part of the night, is the music and music requests, plus  a baseball theme. Because I’m not a big baseball fan, I could only add a pair of over the knee socks, that happened to match perfectly. Even thought the socks are for colder seasons, they proved to be very useful, and since they are made of cotton, the absorb extra moisture, yay.

I’ve finally had the courage to go rollerblading again, and it proved to be as fun as I remembered.



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