LUXURY ORGANIC SKINCARE – Anové Beauty The Sample Kit

You probably never heard of Anové Beauty before, just like me, but they actually been creating ethically products since 2012, produced in small batch in Los Angeles,CA , with only  sustainable natural and organic ingredients, with very potent and high end ingredients.

Anové Beauty is also Leaping Bunny Certified, which guarantees that all products are cruelty free, and also, they donate a portion of their profits to charitable organizations that share the same vision, of keeping a clean planet and healthy people.



I already mentioned this to be a luxurious skincare line, and the price reflects the ingredients that go into these products.

The box that the products come in is so luxurious too, made from a really thick cardboard, and inside it has a foam blanket where the products sit in. Also the containers are all glass, except the pumps and caps, which are plastic.

The kit has 6 products, and I’m gonna mention them in the order I would use them on my skin:

AHA + ALOE CLEANSING GEL .5oz  (full size 4oz $45)

The sample in the kit comes with a dropper, but the full size has a pump to dispense product. A gel type cleanser, very delicate on the skin, packed with Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Calendula to hydrate and heal the skin, Pineapple AHA agents to gently exfoliate, and more potent ingredients, to gentle remove the dead skin cells and reveal a radiant skin. The gel is very gentle, and the AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) didn’t sting my faces I can definitely use this cleanser every day. Easy to apply and massage directly on the skin, and simply remove with water.It has a clean scent, which I really love.


IMMORTAL ROSE HYDRATING TONER .33oz (full size 3.34oz $40)

It comes with a spray pump, but because it has a thicker consistency, I spray in on my fingers, and gently pat it on my face.

This is more than a rose toner, packed with Organic White Rose Distilate, which is basically a rose toner, than it has Colloidal Silver, which is the first time in notice it in skincare, and it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It also has Helichrysum Distillate,another healing plant,Witch Hazel extract,a well know ingredient in toners, and  Hyaluronic Acid, to boost moisture in your skin. The toner smell simply like roses, and it’s very alluring.


THE COOLING MIST .33oz (full size 1.7 $28)

It also comes with a spray pump, but the mist is very fine, so I applied it directly on my face. Spearmint and mint distillate are the first ingredients, and it gives a slight cooling sensation, and it also has colloidal platinum, to help heal the skin. It smells like spearmint, and I simply toss it in my purse, for anytime I would like to refresh my face, even on top of makeup.


PERFECTING EYE SERUM .17oz (full size .5oz $65)

Also with a dropper, is very fast absorbed into the skin. The key ingredient is Neroli Distillate, a well know anti-aging fighter, helping the regeneration on the skin, scar,so ultimately, fine lines. The scent is so beautiful,of a mix of flowers and fruits, with a sweet note, that makes the routine even more pleasant. The only thing I noticed, that I can’t not help to share, is that it contains Benzoic Acid, a preservative, that I would personally like to avoid in my skincare.

PERFECTING OIL .17oz (full size 1oz $102)

I would say this is the cherry on the cake, the most prized item int he box, and The Perfecting Oil, is not any less that PERFECT!!! It comes with a dropper, and it has ingredients that I never used in my skincare before, such as, Goji Berry Oil (packed with antioxidants, help reduce acne, promote collagen production, and even out skin tone), Black Cumin Seed Oil (excellent source of Vitamin B which helps to retain moisture in the skin, and it helps to fight acne),Cloudberry Seed Oil  ( anti-oxidant, rich on vitamin A and E), and  Borage Seed Oil (keeps skin well moisturized and smooth).It has a fruity scent, that keeps wanting me to use it more and, because every time I apply it, it gives me such a happy vibe! The Oil gets quickly absorbed into the skin, and the skin feels like satin and plump right after application.


A little goes a long way with this mask, and beware, it contains turmeric, so If you will wash it off with a towel, with get yellow stained! The ingredients are very simple: kaolin clay, pink clay, beet root, pomegranate powder, turmeric and provitamin B5, and from that pink in the cute jar, turns into a bright soft red color. It didn’t dry my skin as most plain clay mask does, and it also left my pores nice and clean. I have to use this make a little more, but I expect the mask to also reduce some of the sun spots I accumulated during the hot summer days. It doesn’t have much of a scent. but it definitely looks beautiful in selfies ;-).


These were my thoughts about this beautiful kit, and my favorite from all these products, is definitely the OIL, which smells so good, and left my skin in such a smooth soft finish.



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