Growing up I definitely had a stronger sense of the zero waste movement, but since a big explosion of social media demanded more and faster products to launch, so did the cheap packaging that was used to wrap everything up, since it was so affordable, but what actually the market demand.

Now after a while, watching all the plastic floating in the oceans and filling waste landfills, has created quite a still, so that’s how Zero Waste Movements were created, to bring awareness of our problems, but also a solutions.

So more and more brands work on creating zero waste products and join this movement, and so it did Axiology Beauty.

Early this year, they launched their Lip-To-Lids Balmies, but with current events this year, I had no will to talk about it,but here we are talking about it now!

The Balmies come in 13 shades to buy individually for $14 each or in a kit of 3 for $36. The size and price of a kit reflects the full size price of a full size lipstick, but eventually you get 3 shades to play with, which is cool.

As far as the ingredients goes, they are all of natural and organic origins, except Synthetic FluorPhlogopite which is actually synthetic mica, non toxic when used in cosmetics but also biodegradable, heavy metal free, so actually one ingredient that I approved of even though is synthetic made.

I was gifted the MALIBU MAGIC KIT that contain the shades Champagne, Peach & Clementine.

These come very simply wrapped in a waxed paper and stored into a cardboard packaging great for traveling, but don’t try to take them in really hot weather or store them in a car, because balms usually melt at really high temperatures.

The blames can be used on lips, cheeks and/or eyelids, and they actually apply very easy. When the balm touches the skin, easily melts and apply on the skin, and they are buildable, so you can apply them sheer or keep adding product for a more intense flush of color. I like that they are not greasy or oily as you might think, but they actually have a satin/velvet finish, and I loved them the most on my lips.

In the future I want to try Cherry and Chestnut shades, but overall, keep it up Axiology, these zero waste products totally rocked my life.

Have you discovered and experienced the Balmies?


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