NON-TOXIC Foundations Haul (green beauty / zero waste )


Even thought I don’t wear foundations everyday, I do reach for a foundation especially on the weekends, just to give my skin a more flawless canvas, hide some imperfections, but even to nourish it, since so many of the foundations on the market act like skincare too these days.

When choosing a Natural and Organic foundation, I always look for a Plastic-Free Container, since even plastic is a toxic chemical that can make you sick.

So, after truly reading ingredients, these foundations on the market at truly “CLEAN” without any chemicals, added synthetic chemicals, preservatives or dyes.

Bellow are some foundations from my collection (I bet I have to discover some more amazing brands out there), and I listed it BY COVERAGE, from LIGTH to FULL! (YES! there are full coverage foundations in Green Beauty World)

SAPPHO New Paradigm Essential Foundation 1 oz / 30 ml $54

Skin type: NORMAL (combination, acne)


Finish: SATIN

APPLICATION: blending brush

An alcohol infused foundation with a pump, once you apply it you have to buff it quickly using a buffing brush. I used 2 pumps to apply it on the face and an extra one to finish the neck. This foundation is one of the lightest coverage wise, but unusually it did correct my face from discoloration. So overall your skin will look more like skin but just more even. Price wise I think the foundation is a little overpriced for what it does in my opinion, so look for a sale!

100%PURE Fruit Pigmented 2nd Skin Foundation 1.18 oz/ 35 ml $47 (anti-aging)

Skin type : NORMAL

Coverage : MEDIUM-FULL

Finish: SATIN


A squalene based foundation with a dropper application, that I easily apply it with my fingers and I really like that, even though it has such a light coverage, it definitely builds up without looking weird. One of my favorite day-to-day foundation since it has so many amazing ingredients that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles,YAY!

100%PURE Bamboo Blur Foundation 1.69 oz / 50 ml $46

Skin type: NORMAL/OILY

Coverage: MEDIUM

Finish: MATTE

APPLICATION: buffing brush

Definitely a foundation for more on the oily skin type. Comes with a pump and I used a buffing brush to buff the foundation in the skin, and with this foundation, a little goes a long way. I wish they were selling half size a bottle since the quantity looks like you won’t be to used it up, unless you use this daily. Because the bottle is so big, this foundation is the cheapest out there in the green beauty world which makes it great for the younger crowds.

100%PURE Fruit Pigmented Cream Foundation 0.32 oz / 9 g $48

Skin type: DRY/NORMAL, DRY


Finish: SATIN

APPLICATION: fingers & buffing brush

Because this foundation is high in butters, I like to melt it and apply it with my fingers, then spread it on my skin and use a buffing brush to blend it even more. Because this foundation is so thick, a little goes a long way, plus it doesn’t really works well when you the to layers it for more coverage, so even though the claims say it can be build to full coverage, I would say that it won’t look pretty!By adding a drop or two of coconut oil or jojoba oil in it, you can thin it out a little so it spreads more easily on the skin.

100%PURE Fruit Pigmented Full Coverage Water Foundation 1 oz / 30 ml $41 (+SPF)

Skin type: DRY/NORMAL

Coverage: FULL

Finish: DEWY

APPLICATON: blending sponge

This huge bottle comes with a pump, but this foundation is definitely NOT for dry skin. It tends to show all imperfections easily, so dry skin should stay away from it. Because it has an SPF protection, it’s great to use during the days when you meet with the sun but don’t expect a full coverage because this foundation ain’t there yet (medium at its best). Definitely use a damp blending sponge, or hell will break loose (nothing else seemed to work with this foundation for me). Have a trick to share?

GRESSA SKIN Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation .5 oz / 15 ml $62 (+SPF)

Skin type: NORMAL

Coverage: FULL


APPLICATION: fingers & buffing brush

Even though I stick with a sample, this foundation is worth all the money in the world! If you are looking for a serum foundation with full coverage, look no further! I thought I loved 100%Pure 2nd Skin Foundation, but after I met the Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation, I revised my choice. A little goes a really loooong way with this foundation, and it does exactly what it claims. Very comfortable on my dry to normal skin and this quickly became one of my go to foundations for special events. It has a lot of healing plant ingredients for the skin and one of my favorite current oils (sea buckthorn seed oil) plus the benefits of SPF. I usually apply it with my fingers and finish it off with a buffing brush just to even it out.

SWEET LEILANI Prep Prime and Powder Foundation 1 oz / 30 ml $29 (waterproof+SPF)

Skin type: NORMAL

Coverage: FULL


APPLICATION: fingers & blending sponge

This foundation is such a beautiful surprise from so many points of view: priced well, full coverage ( a little goes on a long way), waterproof (the only waterproof foundation in nontoxic world I ever owned) plus it has the benefits of SPF. It comes with a dropper and is very easy to apply it and blend, plus the beauty sponge does a really good job at pushing it in the skin. It has a powdery matte finish, so this foundation is my summer weekends and events to go foundation and even pool parties!!!

So that sums it up pretty much what’s in my foundation corner right now. Spot any favorites? If not, which notoxic foundation are you loving right now?


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