Ready to take your MASK OFF?

Few days ago the president of United States Joe Bidden, announced that vaccinated people can take their masks off, but that only drew mixed feelings.

Depending on the state you live in, that might be true, but overcrowded places will probably will not drop the masks yet.

But then the real question arise : Are you ready to take your mask off?

At this point this is also a psychological game, because many people have lost friends and family members due to Corona Pandemic since it’s started and that will leave a lifetime scar in our lives.

So definitely for many people will be hard to pass that fear moment of removing your mask in public, especially in crowded places with unknown people, such as stores, parks and beaches.

Things will be different, and for a second, if you did think we will “go back to normal” , think again. There is nothing like that in our future, but re-adapting to whatever comes.

How do you see yourself moving forward from this point in time and space? What would make you feel more at ease?

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