Shopping Habits

My shopping has changed in the past 5 years.I buy less clothes.Sometimes i only buy essentials,sometimes a dress for a specific event.


Now,I want to buy consciously,I want to buy Made in USA,I want to buy natural fibers.

I mostly shop online,and try to avoid stores temptation of sales and clearances,and the pressure of sales persons to buy.

I try to think where I would wear it,how I would style it,how many times and ways.

I do look out for upcoming trends,and I’m not to wrong what’s in fashion,but I try now not to rely so much on trends,but longevity of style-wear.

For trends I usually check,,,etc.

Now i’m just gonna give a 2016 style example.


VELVET has always been loved for fall to winter styles,because is lightweight,cosy and keeps the body warm.

Next I go,let’s say,to,and at top of the page in the search box,i’ll search Made in USA VELVET,so i’ll end up with all the pieces made of velvet,Made in USA.

I like that I get high end brands,and also affordable brands,to compare.I like that I can shop evening wear and casual wear.



Zero + Maria Cornejo
‘Reni’ Velvet Gown



Slim Velvet Bootcut Pants
Was: $175.00
Now: $105.00
40% OFF

Let’s try another:


I search at Made in Usa,hit search,than I go to Shoes selection and explore.


‘Fen’ Platform Wedge Sandal (Women)


‘Manzanita’ Platform Sandal (Women)


I was also quite impressed to find UGG’s Made in USA,because I might need a pair of fancy boots.


‘Shaye – Island’ Floral Waterproof Boot (Women)

I really believe now,less is more.Also to buy better quality and love,love my purchases,not just like,because it’s there,and it’s a sale,and it’s really cheap.Kids labor and sweatshops don’t come cheap,so think twice when you purchase that extra t-shirt,pair of jeans,or those cheap shoes.Most of the time are poorly made and won’t last more than a season.

I hope this might inspire you,to change your shopping habits.

Thinking twice now,Laura




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